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Reading and Writing Tutor 

Do you want your child to become an independent learner, taught using "the most effective method that could be devised" for teaching the basic skills of reading and writing?



  • Develops critical thinking skills
  • Instills a love for reading and learning
  • Integrates writing and grammar with spelling and reading lessons
  • Prevents future learning problems
  • Delights child with classic children's literature with big ideas & excellent writing
  • Explains the logic of English spelling
  • Cursive penmanship instruction included
  • Writing lessons using blended structure and style
  • Vocabulary lessons with hip-hop rap songs


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"My goal is for your struggling reader to never again say, "I don't know that word"  because English is a phonetic language made up of 45 sounds of speech which are written 70 basic ways.  These 70 phonograms make up 94% of all the words we read and write."

-Susan Franklin

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