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Struggling Reader? I Can Help!

Hi!  I am Susan Franklin.  Between classroom teaching of English, Speech and Drama and home education, I have twenty years of experience building up reading, writing and speaking skills in students of all ages. Further, I have expertise in Orton-based reading instruction, which is proven to curb dyslexia.

My English I students in 2015-2016 had a passing rate on the EOC English I exam of 79% compared to the overall state passing rate of 65%.

Through systematic training in the 45 sounds of English (as they are written in 70 letter groups or phonograms) and 28 spelling rules, over 90%  of the 500,000 words in English can be sounded out logically with reliable principles.  Advanced phonograms taught as they are encountered in the spelling lists explain the rest. 

This method of direct instruction in phonics was originally developed by Samuel Orton and expanded upon by Romalda Spalding and Wanda Sanseri.  You may be familiar with The Writing Road to Reading by Romalda Spalding.  I use Mrs. Sanseri's expansion of Mrs. Spalding's work: Spell to Write and Read.

My own homeschooled children are my magnum opus. My son scored 35/36 on both the Reading and English sections of the ACT. This was the main factor in earning an $8,000 merit award at the University of North Texas Honors College. My daughter finished high school in three years and is a sophomore in college.

A first-grader I tutored for two hours per week went from well below grade level to the A/B honor roll and earned Most Improved Speller and two other end-of-year awards (May 2017).

One eighth-grader who tested as second grade in reading improved to sixth-grade reading level
after four months of tutoring. 

I believe

 "Readers are Leaders and Leaders are Readers!"